About Us

Cruelty-free, paraben-free, high quality cosmetics for makeup & animal lovers alike!


Designed by a team of leading New Zealand makeup artists, and founded in 2017, we wanted to create a cutting edge, high-end, yet affordable NZ-based cosmetics brand that genuinely cares about it's customers and what they want from their makeup! Here at Indee, we DON'T test on animals. Ever. For any reason, or for any market. 

Indee Cometics are designed to help you to look and feel amazing, without overdoing it! 
Our goal is to keep our product range simple, and focused on wearable products and shades designed for everyday wear, that will enhance your natural beauty, rather than mask it!

We have focused on creating a beautiful, high-quality, sleek and sophisticated product range, where you will be as proud to flaunt the products themselves, as you will be to wear them! Flawless finishes, timeless colour range, impeccable results, and 100% paraben-free & cruelty-free! 

Indee Cosmetics is proudly NZ owned and operated, and our range of products are of the highest standards. We pride ourselves in using the highest quality ingredients and pigments in our product range, and our products are:

• 100% Paraben Free

• Made in Canada**

• Hypo-Allergenic

• Allergy Tested

• Non-Comedogenic

• Fragrance Free (except for our lippy's, they smell delish!)

• Not Tested on Animals. Ever. Ever Ever.

**Excludes pencil range. Our pencil range are manafactured in Germany.